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architectural creative community

We are a non-profit startup based in Rotterdam, Netherlands where architects, landscape architects, and interior designers come together to grow.



Everything to help you accelerate your professional career and provide the guidance you need.

Are you an International student in the Netherlands looking for support in the beroepervaringsperiode (BEP)? We are here to guide you to become a registered architect in NL. We provide guidance in the form of logbook feedback, informing about BEP training sessions as well as providing our own unofficial learning outcome specific masterclasses.

Are you looking to start your own design practice and need information regarding practicalities, creating a business plan and learning the skills to run your own studio? You have come to the right platform. We are here to help you discover and understand your customer, principles of lean start-up and business development.

During our soft-skill sessions, we organize events related to public speaking, pitching, time-management, organisation, and self-awareness. We also ensure your identity as a designer is translated to your CV & Portfolio. We provide feedback on improving your job applications as well as helping you to create your own brand identity.

The masterclasses are one day events where an industry expert is invited to speak about a pertinent topic. These events are encouraged to create a discussion around a topic and encourage a dialogue among the participants and more often than not, challenge existing perspectives. Masterclass topics are often centered around the BEP learning outcomes but anyone interested is welcome to join.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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